Lots of cake

My weekend was good good. Family and friends called in bringing with them, wine, flowers and cake. What more can a girl want?

My daughter made a rainbow cake, macaroons, and a peanut and chocolate slab cake. I couldn’t possibly eat all that she had cooked, so pretty much anyone who comes into the flat, goes home with some cake.

I had a happy birthday message from Malaysia where a friend of mine is currently on holiday. How clever that we can do this. Technology amazes me.

Mary my neighbour also popped in. Her grandson bought her home to pick up a few bits and pieces. Following her nasty fall she does seem to have aged considerably.  Swollen face, black eye and bruising which you would expect, but even her hands appeared to be swollen.

She does however have every intention of coming home. Plans are in place for help with housework, and meals delivered to her door so she just has to pop a meal that she fancies in  the microwave, and away she goes.

I miss her being there. I certainly don’t see her every day, but her presence isn’t around anymore, and I miss that.

Sunday I cooked again. Roast leg of lamb. My favourite meat, followed by cake. Not exactly a balanced meal but it was good.

Yesterday a friend called in for coffee with a lovely bunch of tulips. I made sure she had some cake.

Lovely catch up on the news.

Vet rang to say that Trudy’s pancreatitis is responding to her treatment well, so I have just got to be vigilant with her food.

Today I’m hoping to get out to the shops. I’ve borrowed a car because mine was sold and taken away on Friday. I have to own up that I’m a little apprehensive. I had got used to my other car, and to drive another car takes some getting used to.

Weather disappointing. I know that I’m longing for the sun to appear and stay awhile.

I still take a hot water bottle to bed just to cheer me up. A hot water bottle is very comforting.

Enjoy your Tuesday.



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