Wednesday a shaft of sunshine

I own up to being bored out of my head yesterday.  Didn’t know quite what to do with myself, other than the usual routine make the bed etc. The only communication I had all day were texts.

Come late afternoon things changed a tad. My daughter called round,and I had a drawing given to me by my boyfriend who is the grand age of four. That really cheered me up, and I wrote a little thank you note and handed it to mum today.

I couldn’t make up my mind if I would go up in the lift or walk up the stairs. The stairs won as I’m not a fan of closed in lifts. If I can see out I’m fine, but standing in a box is a bit scary, without being able to see out.

He was currently sat on the naughty step so couldn’t take the card. Not quite sure why he was on the naughty step, but think she was trying to get ready for work, and he wasn’t helping. However all things considered he is a delight and a credit to them both.

This afternoon I have a friend coming for tea. I haven’t seen her for eight years. The last time was my 70th birthday party. Not sure where that time has gone to.

Each time we speak on the phone, all she will say is we will catch up on the news when we meet. Considering that eight years have passed, we shall still be talking well into the night.

I find it quite strange that she never shares her news over the phone but has to wait for a face to face meeting.

I am looking forward to seeing her again, and hearing what she has to say.

Last day, if the weather forecast is to be believed for the gloom that persists on making all our lives “gloomy”. Next few days or so are going to be better.


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