Feeling blue

The last few days I have been feeling “blue” or another way of putting it depressed.

My days seem to merge one into the other with nothing to separate them, or make them special.

I get up, slope around, and then later of course, go back to bed and that’s it. I feel sure it’s because I don’t get out and about so much. Still anxious about walking on my own,  and what’s the point. Okay could go to the garden centre, but no interaction with anyone makes the visit boring. Who can we talk to about all the plants?. What colour to choose and where they would go in the garden. The answer no one.

Perhaps they could make a member of staff available to meet and greet loners.  How nice that would be.

I do need to get out, chat to someone. They’ll probably think I’m a crazy old lady.  I used to think the same,when feeling alone was not an option, because I had a fulfilling and busy life.

I did have several visits from family and friends over the weekend with more birthday presents. My grandaughter bought me a bug house, already in the garden, and a smelly candle

Today I’m off to the cafe so that will lift my spirits,and then I will trundle round the supermarket.




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