Showing my legs and arms

Morning.  Yes you may be surprised to learn I’ve got legs and arms, and I’m seriously thinking of exposing them today.

At present I’m sat eating my toast and watching the news, and it’s obvious it’s going to be warm. Thank goodness my summer clothes are hanging up in the wardrobe ready to go. I bought a new set of summer clothes last year and didn’t wear quite a few as the weather was a little unpredictable.

The downside of course is I haven’t got round to exfoliating my legs yet. The upside is the dresses are midi length so much of my legs are hidden. I was considering buying a No No. (An epilator) but haven’t as yet. Does anyone have any recommendations.

Yesterday was a wasted day. My heater in the hall which wouldn’t work when it was freezing cold is now blasting out heat. I’ve been in touch with the electrician,  and I’m hoping he will call today.

A friend tried to visit yesterday. I say tried because yet again the entry system has stopped working. The poor lady didn’t realise that anyone who wants to visit should text or ring, so that they can be admitted into the inner sanctum.

The upshot of course is that I could have enjoyed a chat with a friend,  instead of being on my own, with Trudy of course.

She is going to attempt a visit today. Just hope she remembers to text me.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

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