Yesterday a friend called bringing with her a bunch of tulips. I’m so fortunate that my house is full of beautiful flowers. The hyacinths can be smelt from every room. Delicious.

We spent a very happy couple of hours reminising about all things. Work, children,  husbands, money and houses.

She was unfortunate to find out that her husband was seeing someone much younger,and that she felt was a step too far.

We both couldn’t understand  why we are never satisfied with what we had essentially chosen in the first place. All we both wanted it turned out was a “companion” someone who you could go to the cinema with, have a coffee, not someone who was younger than us, and who would be happy to return to his /her pad and leave you in peace.

Being of a certain age I couldn’t keep up with a younger man. I rather like having a doze in the afternoon. Not sure if a younger man would appreciate having a nap. My looks of course would definitely go against me, couldn’t compete wth the lovely young things

Surely we felt, there must be millions out there who would love a “good companion”.

We can’t all want the same things surely, but I do admit that when I see a handsome man I say to myself “if only I was young again”.

Enjoy yet another gorgeous day. I’ll be sitting out in the garden later, trying to ignore the sounds of the traffic passing in front of the flats.

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