Those dratted toenails

I have decided I waste too much money on incidentals, so with the help of Amazon I purchashed some long handled scissors to help with the difficult task of toenail cutting.

All prepared but what with the dog being very interested in the proceeds,  and me trying to use these scissors,  which don’t appear to be acting like scissors at all, I’m inclined to give up and call the chiropodist to come and do her thing.

Yesterday we had the first BBQ of the year. Very good. The dogs actually managed to keep safe. They were running around like loonies, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

It was Trudy’s birthday yesterday and coincidentally it was Luna’s as well. Also it was my ex partners birthday as well, but least said the soonest mended.

My friend Julie called round unexpectedly on Friday with two bunches of daffodils. My flat is like a florist’s shop at the moment,but you know what’s going to happen don’t you, they are all going to die at the same time.

An artist friend of mine, Trish, bought the completed picture of Luna over on Friday. I thought the likeness was very good. I forgot to take a photograph but I will and then post it so everyone can see

Today I’m intending to pop and see Mary who has now returned home.I shall be mindful not to tire her.

Sunday she was taken to church and she told me she was overwhelmed with kindness. She felt like a “Queen” she told me later.

I’m glad to say it’s not so hot out there today. I know we’re never content are we.



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