Friend request

Heard a bleep. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to look.

The message said “be my friend” or words to that effect .The only problem was that it was from my ex partner who I’ve not heard anything from for eleven years.

I know that in the intervening years he married and moved to Cyprus.I wondered what he had  been getting up to over the past years,  and part of me wants to accept the request, but I’m not falling for that again. I’m also wondering if his wife approves of him trying to contact me. She was certainly no friend of mine when he moved out to live with her.

Today has been an inspiring day. I struggled out of the flat this morning with Trudy on a lead, bags for shopping, a bag of rubbish and an enormous cardboard box that Trudy’s food was delivered in.

Got to the front door when a knight in shining armour appeared and asked if he could take them to the rubbish store. Thanked him very kindly.

Shopped in Waitrose. Quiet plenty of parking just as I like it. Watching my pennies so not too much money spent.

Returned home. Parked outside the flat entrance when I heard these magic words “wendy can I take the shopping in for you”. I almost bit her hand off. Such a help.

Unpacked and went to see Mary. Still doesn’t look like herself yet, but that could be due to lack of makeup. I’m going to give her a manicure tomorrow. One of my specialities from way back.

Such strange things happen out of the blue, that are quite upsetting, but I’m not going to let it get to me.

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