Check up

Thursday was the day I had an appointment with Dr Bowers at Winchester hospital following my pacemaker insertion.

Parking no problem with the help of my “badge”.

I had made arrangements for Trudy to be looked after, and felt confident that if I had to wait a while there would be no problem with Trudy howling if left on her own. Tucked my current reading book into a largish handbag and off we went. I was lucky that my daughter came with me. It’s much nicer to have company,  and for that second “ear” that is sometimes needed. If I couldn’t remember something that was said, I’m sure that she would have picked it up.

Only waited a short time and we were called in. He was so nice. A real friendly down to earth Consultant. In my early days I remember Consultants as being out of my league. Booted and suited and not really approachable. Dr Bowers just a very kind and understanding person.

The outcome is that all is working as it should be. I was very relieved to hear that. Another appointment in six months time.

Yesterday I decided to go to a physiotherapist a few miles from me. I took my neighbour who was certain she knew where to go. She didn’t, and after going down various roads returned home, and set off with my directions. We found it, but no-one was there. Wasted journey.

Went in search of a coffee but that wasn’t easy either so home we came.

Friend for lunch with her young dog. Evening time exhausted.

Today is dismal and I’m not sure what the plans are. Popped the heat on again. I really thought we had reached that time when all heating could be turned off. Not yet awhile it would seem.

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