Cheeks on the seat

I took my neighbour who like me, is of a certain age out for a coffee. I have a car that is quite high off the road and I was concerned that she would find it difficult to get into said car.

In my head I envisaged having to return to the flat for a step. Drove the car to the front door, and in she hopped on problem at all. Getting out was more troubling for her. She thought I would move off before she was ready. Kept telling me wait for my “cheek” to get off the seat. I assured her I wouldn’t drive off until both “cheeks” were off the seat.

Pleasant mooch around Bambridge Garden Centre yesterday. Cold and damp but nonetheless enjoyable.  As expected we returned home with a few plants, but not sure if they will be planted out in the garden just yet, as it’s so cold.

I intend to do some cleaning this morning, Yesterday I did the ironing. Great satisfaction to see the pile of ironed clothes sitting on the table. Oh how I hate ironing.

Whether you are warm or cold enjoy your day.


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