Feeling positive

Met my friends for coffee and cake on Tuesday. As usual very good company and extremely good cakes.

I’m trying hard to think what Wednesday brought, but for the life of me I can’t remember. Obviously not much going on.

However, yesterday I did something positive. I put a blog on our local Chandlers Ford Good Neighbours for a walking companion,  or more to the point a stroller companion to encourage me to find my legs again. I was pleased and surprised that three people got in touch. First stroll next Tuesday but a meet up for tea this afternoon. Very encouraging.

As the weather was so pleasant yesterday got Trudy into her walking harness and we went for a walk over the rec. Pleased to say I bumped into a few dog walkers that I used to meet many months ago. Nothing much has changed, although the gossip has slightly changed. Everything from pacemakers to squeaky toys. Trudy came back. Yay!

I’m going to attempt to go to physio this morning. It all depends on the dog walker.How long she can have Trudy for. Don’t want Trudy out walking too far as the weather has finally improved, and is expected to be quite warm.

Tomorrow I’m going to attend St Boniface Church for a plant and craft sale. I’m looking forward to that. Must try and remember to take some photographs so I can share them with you.

Happy Friday all.


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