Youngest in class

Friday morning I decided to attend the physio session near to my home, only a few minutes away by car.

I arrived without getting lost. Directional skills are somewhat lacking.

There were about seven of us there and I was the youngest. It has been many a year since I was the youngest in the class. Our physio instructor would not own up to her age, but towards the top end of eighties. We were put through our paces. Early afternoon I began to feel a certain stiffness, and by the end of the evening could hardly move. However come Saturday I was fine.

I went to the plant and craft fair.  Purchased a cake, scones,  vegetable plants, and a couple of handbags. The handbags were donated by a lady who was downsizing. Bought two Radley bags for a song. I did ask the seller how much she wanted as I hadn’t any idea of what to offer her. A sum of money was mentioned and that sealed the deal. Too good a deal to pass up.

Spent the rest of the morning putting up a parasol to deflect the sun from me. I’m very conscious of the risk the sun has on my skin, having suffered from basal cell carcinoma in the past,  and to be honest do not really enjoy sitting in the sun for hours and hours.

BBQ tonight. Enjoy this wonderful day.

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