I really did manage to get myself in a bit of a tizz yesterday.

I agreed to go out for a coffee along with Trudy. We were both invited, and she was quite happy that Trudy went in her car. I was really looking forward to it, and then a light bulb moment. I was expecting someone for coffee so I had to apologise profusely.

David had called round to assess my broken wardrobe door,  but was unable to fix it. He asked if Trudy would be up for walking for five hours today. I don’t think she would manage that, so I declined. I know Trudy would have loved to go, initially that is, but after several hours of walking,  I think she would be less enthusiastic. Grateful that he thought of her though.

The rest of the time I was trying to log onto the Prudential secure e mail site. About six phone calls later I still hadn’t managed to log on. Their system is now down.  It would have been quicker and easier to write a letter nothwithstanding my stress levels.

Eileen my friend arrived for our coffee and cake chat. I have known Eileen for quite a while as we both suffer from atrial fibrillation, but unfortunately for her she suffers quite a lot with her heart problems, so she always understands how scared I feel at times, and offers sound advice,  as she has had several procedures and is quite knowledgeable.

To end the day, Luna the German shepherd, was found by her dog walker unable to stand. Frantic call to my daughter who was working in Portsmouth. Luna was taken to our local vet by Karen the dog walker together with her son, as it would have been impossible to lift Luna  in the van by herself. Vet wasn’t sure what the problem was, so Luna was transferred to Anderson Moores the specialist vet in Hursley. As of this moment no diagnosis has been made. Now its a waiting game.

Meeting up with a new stroller buddy this afternoon. Quite a nice day for a stroll, not too hot I’m pleased to say.

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