Cupboard sorting

Karen is busy collecting items for a jumble sale on Saturday, so I decided to see if I had anything to give her.

Why do they make cupboards, for the most part inaccessible, especially of the kitchen variety. I had to use my grab handler to enable me to reach some bits and pieces that I had pushed to the back.

I found a lovely cut glass fruit bowl belonging to my mum with a very grimy silver rim around the outside. I have no silver polish cleaner and I hate the smell and feel of the cleaner on my hands. What to do, and then I remembered reading that ordinary tooth paste does the trick, and it does. It looks amazing sat on a table rather than in the depths of the kitchen cupboard.

A few bits found for Karen. Cake tins, China,  knives and forks etc.

I shall be going to the jumble sale tomorrow. I love jumble sales. I just hope it’s not raining. I’m likely to return home with items that quite likely I won’t use, but it’s all in a good cause. St Francis animal sanctuary.

Went off to the physio determined to take it slowly, and it obviously paid off. I’m feeling fine at the moment.

Luna the German shepherd was discharged from  hospital yesterday, with no definitive answer to her problems. More bloods taken. Very quiet lady not like her at all.


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