Jumble sale

Trudy and I were picked up for our visit to the jumble sale in aid of the pet charity St Francis. Very busy with lots of cars resulting in a lack of parking spaces directly outside.

My heart sank because it meant we had to cross a very busy fast road which is something I try and avoid these days

Handed Trudy over and then it was my turn to cross. No mishaps I’m pleased to say.

The sale seemed to be in just one space and I couldn’t face pushing myself through the crowds, and Trudy was definitely not keen, so we plonked ourselves down on a chair and waited for everyone else to return to us. I’m sure the charity were left with more than they sold.

I bought a toy for Trudy and some treats that were home made especially for dogs. Unfortunately she wasn’t impressed with her baked sweet potato.

Whilst we were sitting waiting, a lady with her young daughter asked if she could speak to me. No problem I said. She asked if she could take a photo of Trudy with the school “teddy”  so teddy could tell  everyone at school what he did during the weekend.

In my time it was a guinea or rabbit, but I can see how looking after teddy was far better

Called into Wyevale garden centre for a cuppa. I thought it was quite expensive. One pound for a tub of food to feed the fish. Another £1.75 for entrance into the soft play area. The food also seemed to be on the expensive side.

Today has been challenging at least this afternoon.  My friend and neighbour knocked on my door in a bit of a state. She and some forty other guests were celebrating an eightieth birthday party at the Potters Heron. A very pretty hotel.  She enjoyed herself but then she couldn’t find her keys to get into her flat. My daughter and I spent time trying to find them unsuccessfully. As I had a spare key no problem to return her to the flat. However, she has just knocked on the door telling me she’s going to go back to the church to see if she dropped them there. I feel concerned because she really is not in a good place to be driving, and I feel guilty that I didn’t go with her.

Hung a new set of curtains and was ashamed to see the dirt that had accumulated over time on the old curtains. Disgusting.

However they are on the short side but they’ll do in the short term.

Weather is looking good this week, so summer clothes out again.


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