Wonderful dream

I awoke this morning feeling good. Why you may ask? Well I actually managed to stay asleep for some six hours. Unusual, as it seems to me I spend much of the night awake.

Is there a reason for this.  Can’t think of a single thing. If I did would be ensuring I did it today.

My dream was one of those feel good ones.  Wonderful house full of flowers and the most amazing food on offer, even my very favourite lobsters. There was of course a very tall man involved who was obviously smitten with me and had given me a big sparkler. Where has he gone?

I’m sure we would all like one of those.

Yesterday yet again had the ongoing problem with keys. I was up and down checking the entry door key and the flat key. Worn out with it all. The odd thing is that she lost my key to her flat but found another set, so where is mine?.

I know we laugh about it but she is very worried that she is losing it. I know we all have moments but this is beginning to get a bit concerning.

Today is Beacon day for a cuppa, after the dreaded shop.

The council are beginning today to put in a temporary car park opposite the flats, before they demolish the old pavilion. Looking out onto the rec, in prominent place is the loo, alongside a very large digger. I can’t believe that after all the work involved building the ‘temporary’ car park that it’s going to be turned back into a green space again.

At least there is going to be something to watch for quite a while.

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