Mixed week

Beacon cafe was as interesting as ever. Listening to all the stories we oldies seem to be capable of shall I say “getting up to” from relationships to animals

Unfortunately one of the members along with her husband had arranged to visit her elderly parents  but were left with the unenviable task of burying a large husky dog. The dog was put to sleep at their parents home, but when asked if they would like the dog cremated, they decided in their wisdom that was something they didn’t want.

Daughter and son in law were then faced with digging a large hole on a warmish day.  The soil was clay. I’m sure you can picture the scene. Son in law thought he was going to have a heart attack trying to dig through the clay to the required depth. All sorted however.

I also heard of a new charity called Courage Foundation. Please take a look.

Trudy again has suffered from tummy trouble, so quite a few trips to the vets with accompaning costs. Seems better today though.

Wasn’t the wedding wonderful yesterday. She looked beautiful and I was very proud to be British and witnessing all the pomp and ceremony.

As I’m sure some of you will remember but perhaps not, they are digging up part of Hiltingbury rec. See pictures of a large digger and an upturned Porta Loo. Didn’t take long for someone to vandalise. Hope it hadn’t been used.

The equipment was delivered a week ago but no sign of anything happening yet

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