My weekend

My weekend it appears is over. I have just returned home from a BBQ and I’m sitting in my semi cool lounge. It is far too hot outside for me.

Going backwards.On Saturday I decided I would visit my charity shop.I haven’t been in there for many months, partly due to the fact that it’s changed so much and is not particularly friendly for those with an “afflction”. The old shop was full of comfy chairs and sofas so I could sit and do whatever was asked of me, provided I could sit. Not quite the same now I’m afraid.  However I walked up to the front door and this man bade me hello. After a few exchanges I told him I had worked there and he was happy. I noticed, but in fact you couldn’t miss it, his arm was surrounded by a large  want to say boot, but whatever they put on his arm to protect it. He had fallen through some glass and his arm was in a mess. He was proud and pleased that he hadn’t died. Next thing trousers round his knees to show me the scar where they took skin to rebuid his arm.  I did wonder if anyone saw this but nothing mentioned. He told me that he and his partner were making arrangements to be married. The accident brought home to him how important his relationship to his partner and family were.

Rest of the day spent keeping cool.

Sunday decided to do my shopping. Went in as the doors opened and thirty minutes later out.

Today got the ironing out and stuffed it back in a bag. Too hot.

Now I’m wondering what to do, but nothing springs readily to mind. My energy is zero at the moment. Is it my age or am I just lazy. Would like to think it’s age.

I’m praying for some rain, so it clears the air, and I don’t have to water the garden.

The builders who built these flats, in their wisdom put an outside tap in the front,but nothing outside the back of the flats.

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