Missing Porta cabin

Yet again the loo has been upturned, but it does appear that they have learnt their lesson,and it has not been replaced, yet.

Have been going for walks to my old favourites this past week and Valley Park was one I had chosen.  Peaceful because as I arrived a lot of companies who were walking their clients dogs were leaving. There was a wonderful smell in the air of wild garlic, and the moisture in the air brought with it the smell of grass, trees and a lovely earthy smell.

Not as wet as it can be there, so i decided I would purchase from Amazon a hammock style cover for the rear seat of the car,  which is suspended from the front head rests to the back, with holes for seat belts to be pulled through to secure your dog.  I do love Amazon. The cover arrived yesterday, and I phoned my local garage to ask if they could fit it for me. I cannot clamber about in the car anymore and I took it in this morning to be fitted. All done and it’s just the job. Didn’t cost me anything but I will buy them a cake for their coffee break next time I’m out shopping.

I was out early this morning taking the cat to have her claws cut. I was horrified to discover that one of her claws had inbedded itself into her pad, so that must have been painful for her but all better now. Bled a bit but magic stuff was put on the wound and it stopped.

Driving to the vet I noticed a light on the dashboard and realised it was the petrol gauge. I thought I had plenty, but I was looking at the wrong gauge. My dilemma. Should I return puss to the flat or carry on to the petrol station. I decided I would carry on. She was very vocal and several people were a bit bemused to hear a cat crying but couldn’t see where it was coming from. Dropped her home and then I popped into the Hiltingbury Happy Place and priced up some toys for Lisa. Came home with a pair of Marks and Spencer linen trousers for a pound. Bargain.

Sat waiting for Trudy. She was going for a 5k run this morning followed by a walk.  A very tired dog I reckon when she gets home. She has just returned home. She couldn’t even manage the 5k run evidently and laid down. Just like her mum I reckon. A bit old and knackered although I’m proud of myself for going on walks on my own again, along with the dog of course.

Should be doing the housework but no enthusiasm and I’m sure it will be here tomorrow, unless the fairies do it for me.


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