Baking hot Sunday.

When I woke up and had completed all the every day chores that we have to accomplish,  possibly taking tablets,  feeding the animals, walking in the garden until she has had a wee, I decided I would clean up a bit.

I hadn’t felt much like hoovering etc so yesterday morning decided I would make a start. It was so hot I was quietly steaming away, but did finally achieve a sort of clean flat.

Waitrose was next. So busy but still got out within thirty minutes.

Family came for lunch. I had already decided that not a pan would touch the cooker so it was crab salad for all of us, and a pavlova. It certainly hit the spot.

Today I decided no walking for me. Far too tired, but mid morning I decided that I would go for a short walk. Enjoyable, so peaceful.

I have prepared my lunch. You’ve guessed it cooked trout with salad, and the last of the pavlova. I’m one of those people who have to have a pudding,  otherwise my meal is not complete in my eyes.

Friend called round this morning as she had just left her dog to have her leg stitched up. She (the dog) had got caught up in some wire, which must have been very distressing for all of them.  I dont know the outcome yet, but I’m sure she will be fine.

Weather dull and gloomy.

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