Where is it?

Last night I must have flung my arm out or something and my small clock disappeared. I certainly wasn’t going to look for it in the middle of the night.

This morning I could hear the old clock ticking away.  Yes I like the sound of a ticking clock, but where was it. Under the bed somewhere but I have no idea where. It wasn’t visible, and getting down on the floor would mean not getting up again.

I decided to wait for Nat my dog walker. She does get asked to do some crazy things. Turning off the stop cock, when I had a flood, changing a light bulb, and now hunt the clock.

There she was flat on her tummy with Trudy helping out. Trudy was so excited thought it was a great game. The outcome is she found it, and once again it is ticking away happily on the bedside table.

Today was the Beacon cafe. Really busy. I popped into the office and asked if they could photocopy a document for me which in the event of my collapse would warn others that I had a pacemaker fitted. The hospital had issued me with one, but every time I changed handbags or went walking with the dog with a bum bag I had to make sure I took it with me. Now I’ve no need to be worried.

Had a laugh, listened and offered support. One of our ladies her son has just “come out”. Interesting times.

Extra cake as one of the members was 94 today. Happy Birthday was sung by all.

A bit on the chilly side today.


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