My friends story on Facebook

I know that much of the time we do not keep in contact with some of our friends, and I’m aware how upsetting that can be. When I arrived in Chandlers Ford l heard the usual. Don’t lose touch, but they seem to decide that it’s up to you to keep in touch. In the end if I’m totally  honest, enough is enough, and I don’t try anymore. I’ve been let down enough.

Today as is usual I opened up Facebook,  and there I read a story about a friend’s husband who was diagnosed with some form of dementia, and her story of her husband’s downhill slide.

As you can guess I was one of those who kept in lose contact and I was so upset to realise how much pain she was suffering. She was always upbeat and played down everything. I picked up the phone to have a chat.  I cannot understand or believe what she was telling me. It’s like a story from a Dickens novel.

I first met them when we attended a group session at a hospital prior to a hip replacement. He was tall,good looking, happy, loved his golf and dancing, and his wife. I cannot imagine how he is today,  and even his wife, in the worst times, no longer recognised him. Thin, aggressive and frightened.

I suggested she write her story on Facebook, as a cathartic exercise and  possibly help others who find themselves in the same position.

On a lighter note I’m off out to tea along with Trudy of course, Being picked up just after three.

Can’t get her story out of my head.




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