China cups

Trudy and I were picked up yesterday as promised for a cup of tea at a friends house. We were joined  by another lady and we settled down for a chat.

What a lovely afternoon. We sorted the world out pretty much. Everything from Barack Obama, to animals, to food. You get my drift.

The hostess asked what we would like to eat and drink. Earl Grey tea or Yorkshire. Crumpets, fresh fruit salad and a strudel made with filo pastry.

We decided on the Yorkshire tea and she presented it in a lovely china teapot, and botanical cups and saucers on the side. My mum would have loved it.  She had no time for mugs at all.

The fruit salad was simply delicious and the strudel equally so. We declined the crumpets.

One of the ladies had just joined Slimming World so was keen to keep an eye on what she ate, although I believe that she was allowed a crumpet.

We had such an enjoyable afternoon,  I suggested we do it at my house next time.

Today I’m cooking lunch for Anne from the Cinnamon Trust. Her husband is away at present walking round one of the Scottish Islands. I’m going to cook Cajun chicken with sweet potato wedges, from Waitrose Food, because its easy. Easy is my middle name in all things.

Watered the garden and now considering pushing a hoover round.

No plans for anything else at the present time,

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