Wobbly tooth

Morning I’m writing this sat up in bed. So warm and clammy it’s difficult to get any rest, and my eyes feel as if they are full of grit.

I’ve been having a few issues with a back tooth so I decided that it was time to get to see the dentist. She practices a few miles away but as I am happy to have her poking in my mouth, I have decided that I will continue to travel to see her. It’s so important to like and trust your dentist. It seems very intimate and personal to have someone peering  into your mouth.

I explained the problem opened my mouth and immediately the question was answered. It was a lose tooth. She handed me a mirror caught hold of the tooth and wobbled it, and yes it moved.  I asked if it would fall out. No. Could it be cemented in. Again no. The answer it appears is to keep it as clean as possible around the gum line, and I have to attend the hygienist for this purpose next week. The dentist herself usually does the scale and polish, but as I now have a pacemaker she cannot use the electric drill with the attachment for cleaning teeth, as it can upset the pacemaker. I had no idea that cleaning your teeth could be a problem. She even asked if I used an electric toothbrush which I don’t, but not sure if these are disallowed as well.

After leaving the dentist called into the pet shop and picked up a large bag of bird food, and a couple of tins of dog food. A very kindly man asked if I could manage this. I assured him I was fine. Next thing was “mind that step” and I felt really old at this point. Tooth falling out and I obviously looked to him as if I was very unstable on my pins. Made it to the car and popped into Thrive cafe to buy myself a piece of flan for lunch. A gorgeous little cafe where everyone is welcome including dogs.

A friend unexpectedly turned up and I gave her half of my piece of flan. Wasn’t that kind. It was soo good.

Enjoy your day and keep an eye on your teeth. Funnily enough I was telling a friend I was off to the dentist, and as you would expect she asked what the problem was. I said I was pretty old in the tooth and probably my teeth were worn out to. How did I know. Physic perhaps.

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