Vacation in tuscany

You might think that I’m on holiday in lovely Tuscany but I’m not. I’m currently sat in my lounge listening to a child crying and saying “I want to go to the barbecue”and would you think any the less of me if I said “please hurry up and go to the BBQ”.

I’m a little concerned because they rolled up to the front door in a move your own vehicle, and it is likely they are moving into one of the empty flats.

My family left the UK in the early hours of Friday morning to spend a week in Tuscany. I was dismayed to learn that the accommodation was not suitable for me. All steps, so I’m left behind. That sounds sad doesn’t it but I’m not sad.

My daughter phones each evening. Evidently it is extremely hot there so I feel they are struggling with the heat.

It has been several years since she had a gastric band fitted, but if she’s not careful it really makes her feel wretched. Case in point. She woke up and felt very thirsty and gulped down the water, then she couldn’t keep anything down,so yesterday she couldn’t eat or drink anything. It seems very unhealthy to me, but she insists she can handle it because she doesn’t want to be fat again.  Those who have had the band I take my hat off to you all, not an easy choice by any means.

My lovely Trudy had a bath,  hair cut, nails and ears done on Thursday. I wanted it off short so she would be more comfortable.

She is currently out on her Sunday hike with Anne and Derek and the grandchildren.

No plans for the rest of the day.  Reading the papers I think.

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