Gorgeous Monday

Such a beautiful start to the day and the week.

Feeling tired as I can’t seem to sleep at night. It is driving me insane. It makes me feel under the weather,  not how I want to feel.

I’m obviously feeling grumpy, because I sent a complaint  to Waitrose about missing items from their shelves, that I wanted to buy but were nowhere to be seen. I’m not talking about anything special, just bin liners. There were only the black bin liners, so it’s a visit to another supermarket for a very basic requirement.

Another gripe. I was handed a four pound voucher that could be redeemed. Stupidly I didn’t check the dates and found it had expired within four days.

I’m not one to go to supermarkets every couple of days.  I’m a weekly sort of shopper so missed out.

Returned to the car and looked at all the flowers and vegetables paraded at the front of the shop. I’m always keen to look at the reduced items, and there were some tomatoes with a price tag of £1.49, when in fact they really should have been thrown away or sold for a very nominal amount. It would therefore be up to the individual if they wanted to give the plant a shot at surviving.

A friend is coming for a cup of tea and chat this afternoon which I’m looking forward to.

Have had my last visit to the hygienist this morning. Not my favourite experience.




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