Key ring

You remember the story I wrote about my neighbour who unfortunately lost all her keys, along with the one she gave me for emergency use only.

Well this is our answer. A large pom pom with an attachment for keys. It was purchased by one of the members of the Beacon Cafe which I attended on Tuesday. As usual cakes a plenty, and a very special cake for a 92 year old. Victoria sponge filled with strawberries and cream.

Bought myself a few books. The church have a stand selling books. Its up to the individual how much they pay. The money is then distributed to a school in Africa.

I’m still experiencing problems with Trudy’s diet, resulting in diarrhoea,which is unpleasant for me and her.

I decided to change her diet to raw food, and found a site called Belle and Duke based in Scotland, with an initial offer of 50% off. Quite an incentive so I ordered some food. She loves it and the food is amazing even in its raw state.

The most amazing thing to my mind was how it was delivered. Usual cardboard box but once opened.Oh my god. Placed around and on top of the frozen food was insulation that I hadn’t seen before. It resembled a filled runner. It was filled with sheep’s wool that is recyclable. You just have to gather a few of these filled bags, print off a free returns label and send it on its merry way.

Good for you I say. If you have that ethos your company should go far and the pets should benefit greatly.A bonus for all, especially my pocket, because my pet insurance has gone up nearly 100% because of the tummy problems. If i can keep her tummy problems under control for a year, the insurance should be more affordable I hope.

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