Wedding bells

On Saturday my friend and I attended a wedding. It was sizzling to put it mildly. My friend had kindly offered to be my plus one as although I could have driven myself easily enough, it was the thought of how far I would have to walk to get to the church and back to the car, and then to the reception which was held in a marquee in her nan’s garden. Her nans house is located in a fairly narrow road, and with an approximate hundred people attending, the chances of parking near the house was remote. All bases covered I thought.

Arrived at the church and it was lovely and cool inside. Bliss, although by the end of the service we were using the order of service booklet as a fan. The seats were so uncomfortable. Narrow and a very straight backed. I couldn’t make up my mind if I was more comfortable sitting or standing. The bride looked lovely in her white lacy dress, and her two bridesmaids were in peach. Groom looked very handsome. Indeed they made a lovely pair.

The dog was the ring bearer which was a first for the vicar. No hitches beautifully behaved, although I believe she was concerned that he might have a wee on the way to the altar,but no, he was a good boy.

Onto the photos which seemed to take ages, and I’m gradually getting hotter and hotter. As I couldn’t be described as a close family member, I wandered off to talk to the horses and their owners. They were very professonal, caring for their lovely horses, who were patiently waiting. I knew them from a past meeting, as my daughter and son in law used to help them out with the weddings. Such a lot of hard work goes into the preparation for these events.

Finally we were off to return to the house for drinks and food. Unfortunately I felt unwell and left after only a shoft while. I later learned that with a pacemaker you have to keep very hydrated even more so than usual, and I failed to do this. Returned home after shopping for some food at Tesco’s. What a let down, and then I did a very stupid thing. I drank a couple of very small glasses of wine, and that sent my heart into a bit of panic, along with me. Never again I vowed.

The bride called yesterday and the most important thing was they had had a wonderful day, just as it should be.

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