Staying in

I’m finding it very difficult to remain enthusiastic about our weather at this time.

It takes me sometime to move my body around.  My strength seems to have been sucked out.

Added to that, the fact that I’m gardenless to all intents and purposes, so buying a plastic paddling pool to put my feet in is not on my agenda. I could of course, and sit out there with my feet in the pool, while all and sundry can stare at me murmuring “poor old soul”. According to these free astrological readings my lucks going to change after tomorrow, but only after I’ve sent them some money. Guess it’s not going to happen then. Another lost opportunity.

I’m sorry to put a dampner on all those who love this weather. Just ignore me.

My daughter is having a problem with her gastric band, and was unable to keep water down.  She had an emergency appointment with her surgeon last night, who was a little concerned.

He syphoned off some liquid through the port to make things easier. Fortunately it seems to have worked. She is feeling much better this morning. In my mind I had her having another operation to find the cause of this hiccup, but it seems to have been averted, at least for the moment.

Enjoy your day even if it’s sitting inside or outside.

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