Surprise present from Fortnum and Mason

My daughter and grandaughter went on a girly day out to London on Saturday. I would like to have gone, but bearing in mind the heat and the crowds, I was pleased to be at home. It is at least a bit cooler inside rather than out.

I guess you could say I enjoyed the old way of getting to London from Southampton. Mum and I regularly used to visit the city and take in a couple of shows. We would travel on the Bournemouth Belle and have our lunch. No lugging of suitcases on or off the train. The porters sorted it all out.

However the girls arrived in London. First stop was to visit the potential sister in law, husband and three small children for a coffee and chat.

Next port of call was Fortnum and Mason for their incredible ice cream. It was there my daughter saw the sugar almonds. I love them and usually I am presented with some at Christmas. However last Christmas they couldn’t find any. I think it has now become a family tradition to hand me some almonds. My mum and dad always gave me some at Christmas.

After the shopping my grandaughter had arranged for a personal shopper at John Lewis for her mum. An experience of stylish shopping. Colours that she should wear were a hit, especially as there is an important wedding next year in Mauritius. She was bought a stylish dress as a thank you from her daughter.

I think it was a case of more shopping, but they all arrived home safely and very tired.

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