And so it continues

The heat. I was delighted when yesterday the weather forecast was possible thunderstorms and heavy rain.

We did in fact have a small amount of rain which did seem to make the air more breathable but not enough.

I finally decided I would buy a fan from Amazon and it arrived. Unfortunately it fitted in the palm of my hand, and wasn’t quite what I wanted. That’s because I tried to do the ordering late at night. Now comes the irksome job of returning it.

Trudy and I were out very early yesterday morning and it was really enjoyable. Cool and very few walkers out and about at that time, half past six, although I see quite a few dog walkers out at five thirty for their early walk. That’s the usual time I’m out in the front garden with Trudy. In all honesty it’s awful early. It puts my internal clock out. Breakfast very early,  lunch early,  and afternoon tea early.  My day seems to be over long before others.

My car passed it’s MOT. What a relief.

Had my friend Oliver call this morning with his mum. He is four. He presented me with a picture which I’ve put on the fridge, along with the others.

Shopping this morning.

Tennis this afternoon.

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