Early Walk And Rabbits

Because the hot days continue to be just that hot, and the dog walker arrives later in the morning, I decided I would go out early today to avoid the heat. It’s pretty awful out there and it was an effort to put one foot in front of the other, but finally got back to the car and came home.

Whilst plodding round Valley Park I thought I saw not one but two rabbits. They are rare to see these days, but sure enough there they were munching on the grass. When I was a young slip of a thing they were very common.  Do you remember them sitting by the side of the road, with you hoping they didn’t dart out in front of you? Seems such a long time ago.

I’m sat now recovering from my early shower and walking. It was so easy to get up, shower, go out for a walk, return home and then off to work in earlier times. I miss those days.

The downside to this relentless heat is I’ve become a recluse. Rarely go out and therefore see few people which is so isolating, and my blog suffers because there’s not a lot to write about. Beacon Cafe on Tuesday which was as usual enjoyable.

Heard from a dog walking pal. Her mum died and the funeral was yesterday. I was quite upset.  We met up regularly whilst out walking our dogs and I shall miss her. Not that I knew her well. She was a very sprightly lady in her 80’s and she could beat me hands down in the walking department.

I shall stir my bones and clear up a bit. The cat is making a lot of noise. She obviously wants her food.




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