Brown, brown and yet more brown

I’m talking of course about the colour of the grass. It feels like straw underfoot.

Can’t say I’ve been out much, but did go for a barbecue on Sunday which was enjoyable. I sat in the shade but I was still too hot. The dogs were so hot and laid on the paving slabs, so they behaved very well.

Yesterday I had a present all the way from Dinan in France. Karen the dog walker bought it for me. It was a shopping list which had a magnet on the back, so you could attach it to the fridge. The only trouble is I’ve integrated units so nothing to attach the shopping list too. Such a shame,

Got up early this morning because I was so hot. Decided to get a small pile of ironing done which nearly killed me. I’m sure there are quite a few wrinkles left on the clothes but who cares really. Not me.

Keep safe.

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