Tree hugging

Today was the day for me to step out with the dog. Left early for a walk around the woods. I certainly wasn’t on my own.

As I stepped out of the car it was fresh and coolish,  but on my return to the car I was absolutely worn out. So hot.

On my rambles bumped into my hairdresser who looked very smart even though she was on her bike with her dog at her side. She told me not to give up. I thought that was a stupid thing to say. I don’t want to give up and don’t believe I do, although I recognise my limitations.

Trudy wanted to rush around after the dog, but from experience was pretty sure she wouldn’t come back, so I had to resort to holding onto a tree to stop from being pulled over.

In the past I used to see a lady who pretty much went on her walk following the trees that she could grab hold of. At the time I thought it very amusing, but now I’m doing the same thing. Karma perhaps.

The kitchen is heating up because I’m cooking a chicken. My daughter did my shopping for me last night and purchased the chicken as I had asked. The sell buy date is today so I reckoned I would cook it this morning, when perhaps it would be cooler.

Contemplating loosely that I should get the hoover out.


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