Patter of rain on windows

What a welcome sound. I found yesterday was even hotter, although by all accounts it was a degree or so cooler than the previous day.

Trudy out with her favourite person this morning,  and I took the opportunity to run a few errands.

As you know if you’ve been following the blog I haven’t ventured far in this hot weather and this morning my legs certainly felt sluggish. What do they say “use it or lose it”. Feel that my legs are losing it.

First stop was the church for a mooch round their stand selling books. All money collected is sent to Africa for a school I believe. Next stop the local computer repair shop. My daughter had dropped it  in for me because we couldn’t access the Internet.  A couple of days later and a cost of £25 she picked it up, only to find that it still wasn’t working hence my trip this morning. Very rude man. I explained the problem and he said “you don’t know much about this do you”. I admitted I didn’t. Did feel angry to be spoken to like that, but I held my tongue.

Off to Tesco for a box of cherries. As usual friendly and helpful.

Off out for coffee and then home. Nice change to be out and about.

Popped into Marys to check she was okay. She was busy looking for her kleenex when she suddenly remembered she had tucked it into her knickers.

Who remembers doing that when you went to school all those years ago.

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