La Parisienne Romsey

On Sunday it was my grandsons twenty-fifth birthday. Not at all sure where those years have gone. All the excitement following his arrival and then the ups and downs of growing up. Many mornings I was out in the car helping him deliver his newspapers around Chandlers Ford, as indeed were his parents.

He now is independent. Living in a flat and donning a suit and going off to work , but to me he is very young. Not quite grown up yet.

My grandaughter on  the other hand has always been grown up. Knowing what she wants and working towards that goal. Girls I feel do grow up much earlier than the boys.

However it was decided we would go to Romsey for lunch to celebrate his day. It was pouring with rain but the car park was pretty much right outside the door.

Good selection for starters, main course and dessert. I opted for no starters but a lobster for the main course. Lobster is one of my most favourite foods in the world.  I only had a half, but I could easily have eaten a whole one,

No dessert as we had cake and goodies awaiting our return.

The staff were solicitous and the food good. A nice change for me to go out. We don’t go out as a family much at all, which is a pity. Time passes so quickly and before we know it there is another empty place setting at the table. My family is small and I’ve always wished to be part of a large supporting family, but that is something that’s not going to happen now.

Weather getting hotter again, so I shall be hiding indoors behind closed doors and drawn curtains.

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