On line shopping

I was so proud that I actually managed to do my food shopping on line. Okay I ordered two of some things I didn’t really want, but nothing lost as I could freeze them. It certainly saves a lot of time. No wandering up and down the aisles, queuing to pay, load the car  return the trolley and then drive home. Park by the front door empty the car,  move the car to the parking space, and then come back. Push open two doors and then the final achievement unlock my own door, heft the bags in and then empty everything,  so you see having someone bypass much of that aggro was a real bonus.

Off to babysit Luna this morning.  The kitchen was being plastered and I had to keep her and Trudy in the lounge with the door open to the garden. Very pleasant, cool and relaxing.

My payment a choc ice. The next thing I was asked was if I was going to attend Weight Watchers. Something not right there.

Problem with sleeping last night. My heart was fluttering away which was off putting. Not painful just annoying.

Not sure I’m looking forward to the weekend as the forecast is  hot.

Daughter and son in law are off to Bristol. Both my grandaughter and fiance work for the MOD who are holding an open day by invitation only.


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