Telephone call and dog sitting

I try and keep in touch with my neighbour. I can already hear you say “just knock on the door” but she reacts better to a call. She has the opportunity to pretend she’s going out, or is busy making a coffee or something else that might spring to mind.

However on  Friday she picked up the phone. It was obvious that things were not going to plan. She was visiting her great grand children as they were appearing in Grease at a local theatre. She was going to stay overnight. She had showered and her hair was in rollers. Good start.

I asked if she had packed. No. Suggested we got round to doing it. Out came her bag,but first we had to empty out lots of coat) hangers which  she had put in the bag to get rid of them. She is a horder.

Packed skirt, blouse, clean knickers the usual stuff, and I made her a cup of tea, and cleared up the kitchen.

Next thing was waiting for the washing machine to empty so I could put the clothes on the airer. I carefully did this, knowing that she would re-arrange everything once I had left.

Bumped into her this morning. She had a great time, the only downside is she fell over, but no damage was sustained so I’m told.

She was off to church as she does every Sunday. The church is her life and her many friends are supporters of the church. A real family. They support and look after each other, especially as they are of a certain age now.

Off out for lunch later.

Hot, hot, hot.

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