The last week or so has passed in a blur. The weather has not been kind to me or indeed many others I would imagine, so I’ve felt like doing little or nothing.

However now it’s cooler I’ve come round to tackling the housework more. When the days were so hot I just about made the bed, cleaned the bathrooms (I know we have two and a separate toilet) heaven knows why in a two bedroomed flat. Cooking was out of the window. Pretty much lived on cold meats, fish and salads.

In my younger days cleaning was not a chore. I could do the house, take the dog out and still carry on. Now I have to do a bit, and then sit down.  It is so tiresome.

When I first retired I did go out cleaning along with several others. We had such a good time, and we got paid as well.

It’s amazing what a house shows us when you’re out cleaning. Folic acid appearing on the bedside table (pregnant perhaps) and other things too intimate to disclose.

We worked mostly in the Surrey hills. Such beautiful houses, and the drive to get there was always a joy,  except of course if there was snow or floods. In that case we stayed at home.

I used to look forward to getting home, and my treat was to watch the film on Channel 5 in the afternoons. Bliss

Unfortunately age made it more difficult for me and cleaning became a thing of the past.  I do have very happy memories of this time.

I had a friend request from an old friend.  Dithered about but decided not to go there. There was obviously a motive for his request, as the last news I had of him was that he had got married. He was never happy with what he had which is a shame, because no-one is perfect are they?

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