Let sleeping dogs lie

I couldnt resist taking this picture of my Trudy. This was following her long walk with Derek and Anne. The bed was donated and I bought a cheap single duvet to go into the bed. As you can see its rather on the large size but she seems happy enough.

I have been feeling unwell. Had a period of days when i felt so breathless. I really wanted to get out yesterday but not sure how I managed it. To not be able to breath is a very frightening thing, which in turn hardly helps the situation. When I returned home just took things easy.

I have decided that I will try and get an appointment with the Consultant as soon as possible to try and sort things out. Perhaps the pacemaker isn’t working according to plan, or maybe its the medication. Either way its something that needs sorting out.

Today I feel like my old self for which I’m very grateful, although I’m feeling tired. Didn’t sleep much, but the animals snored their way through the night. Reassuring to hear someone else breathing.

Later I’m going to make lunch. Nothing difficult, and if necessary can be cooked by my daughter. She is having a new kitchen fitted, and we know what that means

Enjoy your day, keep safe.

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