Talking is good for you I know

Following my shaky start to my weekend I feel lots better today, possibly because I have had some chat and laugh time with a couple of friends. These friends live on their own too, so they understand how afraid you become if you have a dicky heart, or whatever your problem is.

One of the ladies who also felt unwell over the weekend, had her bag packed and had tidied the house up. I hadn’t got as far as packing a bag but felt very vulnerable. What arrangements needed to be made for the animals. It goes round and round in my head, but as of this moment I’m still here feeling better daily.

I would just like to express a huge thanks to my doctor and surgery. I phoned  this morning and had an appointment just a few hours later. Haven’t heard anything from the pacing clinic,  or the Consultant’s secretary.

A friend also came round this afternoon with her dog. Trudy was not impressed with another dog in her space but with a bit of tummy tickling we managed to have a chat. Spits of rain put paid to that as she had clothes on the line. So annoying when you make the effort to hang them out, only to see rain clouds appearing.

We were talking about her mum, who unfortunately died a few weeks ago. We both shed a few tears.

Everything changes which is as it should be, but sad nontheless.

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