Eventful few days.

The old saying jumps to mind “it never rains but it pours”. Pretty much sums up this week for me. Still feeling much better and I’m now able to undertake a few more things without that breathless feeling.

Tablet now working well. Ade Jupe a local computer guy called and picked it up,and today it has been returned, but not without a bit of a drama. I was opening a tin of food for the dog and unfortunately managed to cut myself just above my knuckle. Quite sore and as I’m on blood thinners bled quite a lot. A good wad of kitchen towel sorted that problem out, but I had no plasters in the flat. Ade was calling this morning to return the tablet, and I asked him if he could come a little later so I could get to the chemist. He insisted that he went for me. Such a kind thing to do, Thank you.

Next to arrive was Lou my grandaughter whose birthday it is. She has become a globe trotting business woman and buying  a gift was difficult. I opted for a Jo Malone travel candle. It arrived safely and was beautifully packaged. It even came with a box of matches. I shall definitely be returning for some more smellies in the future.

I have been Luna sitting (the dog) a couple of days this week as a new kitchen is being fitted and some of the workmen are worried about her as she’s quite large, although she is a softie  by nature. The first day no water whilst the plumbing was sorted. The next day it was the electrics turned off. Tudy and I returned home pretty tired on both days.

Next to go wrong was my car.  Battery kaput just when I had arranged to do my shopping. Luckily for me the dog walker took me and brought me home. How lucky am I to have such kind friends.

Tried to speak to somebody, anybody at the Pacing Clinic for my pacemaker. No chance, so I’m waiting to have blood tests done and an X ray.

Weather today is lovely. Popped up to see my friends at the charity shop. Huge selection and I came home with a couple of toys for Trudy.  They haven’t got a card reader and they are not going to have one either,which truth be told I find annoying. I rarely have much cash on me so I couldnt buy anything much, when I could have been tempted to buy quite a few things today, but without a card reader no chance.


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