Since cutting my finger, life has become a little more difficult for me. I’m a wooze I know, but when two fingers are strapped together on your dominant hand, every day chores become fraught with problems.  You take care not to bump your finger on anything that is going to hurt,  but you seem to bump into more things than usual.  It’s as though your finger is saying “hey look at me I’m hurt.  Do you want to hurt me even more”.

I need to keep it dry if at all possible, so into the shower with a plastic bag over my hand, but I could still feel the odd trickle of water running down. Needless to say it was very much a lick and a promise this morning. Getting a bra on proved to be difficult.

Yesterday I had arranged to prepare a simple lunch, steak, chips,  mushrooms the usual. I couldn’t even get into the steak. It was sealed up like Fort Knox so had to wait for my daughter to arrive to release the steaks. With her help lunch went okay.

What a day. I was so glad that Trudy had been picked up by Derek for her walk. I’ve done enough dog walking in all weather’s  to appreciate just how lucky I am to have the Cinnamon Trust volunteers to help out.

Today is looking dry, but not much else to recommend it. Slow cooked casserole for lunch so nothing challenging.

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