Hospital visit

I was due to attend our local hospital for an X ray this morning. We aimed to arrive early so that parking was not an issue, which it wasn’t.

You can always find something entertaining in the hospital if you look, can’t you. I know that’s an unfortunate turn of phrase but there it is. We were sat in the waiting room waiting to be called, when a young man walked past us. Good looking with one of those awful hospital gowns on with the opening down the back. Nothing on show but the amusing thing was he carried an umbrella. It looked really weird.

I was moved along escorted to a room to remove my top clothes and then I put on the dreaded gown which I did, but I couldn’t do even one of the ties up. I enlisted the help of a very kind young lady who came to my rescue.She had hurt her leg getting off the bus. Simple isn’t it to end up hurt.

Wandered back the long corridor to the exit, calling in at the Pacing Clinic to ask for advise, as I’m still waiting for a phone call for the past ten days. Initially she was a little unhelpful but finally loosened up a bit, and I may have managed to get an earlier appointment.

Chilly overcast day.

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