Passing days

Days pass by in a blur at the moment and I’m sad to say that my life is wasting away it seems too. Still I suffer from this awful breathlessness which I just can’t escape from and I feel pretty fed up. Just walking round the corner is proving a challenge at times. Other times I feel great. The great days are less than the horrible ones.

You would very likely have seen me with my large bucket in the front garden recently, as Trudy has had a funny tummy yet again. I really thought I had nailed it with the introduction of Bella and Duke raw food, but obviously not. I waited a couple of days and then high tailed it to the vet. A quick exam, a few hydrating sachets of granules, ninety pounds later and I returned home. She didn’t move for hours and hours and I did wonder when I checked on her during the night that she was still breathing. She was and appears to be getting better slowly.

I have been lumbered with washing  my daughters clothes whilst her kitchen is  being completed. Along with cooking every Sunday I am hoping that it will be finished very soon, and I look forward to having some gourmet meals down at their house. With all the planning it should be a very workable kitchen. Lots of space to fill up again, because that is what happens isn’t it?

Today cooking again, walk to the shops and another wasted day. I do feel sorry for myself at the moment and I apologise.



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