A new venture

I have been out walking a couple of times this week, namely to Holkham woods. Peaceful and lovely.  Met a guy with his dog called Eric, who was a smart looking poodle. Well behaved.

My daughter had her birthday last week and I bought some short wellie type boots from Muck. They had a very tempting sale. They were blue polka dots. I am quite tempted to buy myself a pair.

Tuesday was the Beacon cafe morning. Awe inspring cakes. Usual chit chat. I had taken my neighbour and dog Trudy with me. My neighbour has decided to hang her car keys up. She was very sad. Trudy just went to sleep under the table.

Yesterday I went to Asda. Not so busy as is usual,  but I was there early. Bought some new pillows. Mine were so uncomfortable. I couldn’t stand it any more.

Last week I was looking into revamping my Web site, and I was in contact with Carl from Strategically Digital. I have decided to wait a while,  as there are some large bills coming up unfortunately. We were talking generally and I was telling him about my vision of reaching out to the lonely.  He very kindly set up a Facebook page to see if anyone would be interested in joining.  There does seem to be an interest but I just can’t access the page,  so I’m stuck until someone gets in touch.

My new phone arrived and Ade kindly did his thing. All the contacts etc have been safely transferred.

I’m expecting a phone call from my daughter,  as it would seem I’m on doggy sitting duty again.

Sunny day. Arn’t we lucky.

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