Through the window

Who among you remembers Rear Window with Grace Kelly and James Stewart?. I remember the film well. It was a story about someone (James Stewart) who when looking out of the window witnessed a disturbing series of events leading to a homicide. I am not suggesting that anything like that happened to the person living opposite me.

However the point is I live in a ground floor flat and there is a row of I think maisonettes opposite me. Over a period of three years I have been noticing small things about the occupant opposite, and my mind has conjured up all sorts of things. The only real facts are that upon her/his return from work the curtains were closed. In the morning they were opened but in the weekend the curtains remained closed until 8.30 a.m.

To my knowledge I never saw the occupant.

Where did they go, what did they do?

I guess I shall never know.

Met a friend for coffee. At least that was the plan,  but there were no available tables left, so we returned home for a coffee instead. I was disappointed because I wanted a nice piece of cake, and I was going to buy an artisan loaf. I’m pretty fed up with the taste of shall I say “normal” bread. It tastes of nothing.

My mum always said that nothing had the same taste and I’m beginning to agree. Where are those lovely juicy apples?.

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