Wedding dress fitting

Yesterday it was a girlie almost family day out. My daughter, grandaughter, and bridesmaid went to a small village called Wickham first of all for lunch, or high tea whatever appealed to you.

I chose chicken salad with strips of bacon, walnuts, olives, salad leaves which was slightly warm.  It was delicious. The rest of the party had their specialist tea. Sandwiches of your choice, scones with trimmings and a choice of scrumptious cakes and liquid refreshment of your choosing. You could also have Prosecco if you wished. No one rushed you and it was most enjoyable. The tea shop went by the name of Lilly’s.

We left and wandered down a hill to visit an antiques/odds and ends emporium. Interesting as all these shops tend to be. You need quite a lot of time to really do it justice, and then back up the hill, into the car to find Anya’s.

The bridal shop is situated in the middle of the country and is housed in a converted barn. Very attractive,

We walked to the front door and there was a heart shaped plaque with the words “Welcome Louise”. A nice touch. She had already chosen the dress previously, this was just confirmation that it was indeed the dress of her dreams. It was. She looked very beautiful,  but I didn’t take any photos as I was worried that I might send them to all and sundry.

Then Waitrose oh the joy. I was so tired when I got home.

Trudy had been with Luna, and she was as tired as me. She hasn’t as yet been out for a wee, and it’s now 9 o’clock.

Quiet day for both of us.

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