Deja vu

I have had visitors for coffee and a chat these past few weeks, and on the very day they turn up, my lovely neighbour knocks on the door. The first time to ask for help making up her bed. She was expecting a cleaner who hadn’t turned up, and the result was that she was struggling to get the duvet back in the cover. Julie and I went round and completed the task.

This week there was a Mary tap at the door. I recognise her knock now, and this time it was to change a light bulk. Mary my coffee companion got the step ladder out, and changed the bulb. Sorted. I shall always be wondering when my next visitor arrives, if Mary knocks on the door again. I don’t mind in the slightest and nor do my guests. We have a laugh and a chat about it.

We do seem to have moments of deja vu especially when picking up the phone. What has been your deja vu moment that you remember?.

The weather has changed and become even more autumn like, to the point where several ladies of a certain age are getting their vests out. Not me at this point of time, but guess it may come,who knows or indeed cares.

Sad news one of my dog walking friends has lost her seven year old dog,  following an operation. I don’t know the ins and outs because she’s too upset to talk about it. Liz who owned Meg who was a golden retriever, used to buy Meg the most amazing dog coats from Scotland. Hand made to fit, and I shall always remember Meg running across the rec in her wonderful winter coats. I shall miss her. She was a loving gentle dog.

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