Best foot forward

Last week I decided that I would get out a bit more with Trudy. Went to Hocombe Woods and Valley Park. Such beautiful days with the most amazing skies. Almost cobalt in colour.

We all hear that exercise is good for us and indeed it is, but where do you draw the line. Still feeling breathless, so it’s a push yourself situation, which I don’t think is perhaps the way to go.

Visited the Pacing Clinic in Winchester to discuss all options. It was pretty much agreed that the pacemaker was working as it should.  It’s the Atrial Fibrillation that’s causing the breathlessness. I hate it.

Does anyone who reads this blog suffer from the same condition?.  I would love to hear from you with your comments.

Not a lot happening today. Cooking lunch. Clearing up.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Sarah who owns Bay Leaves coffee shop. We are both trying to reach out to those who would enjoy a coffee and chat occasionally. We are very much aware that we all need to reach out to help others, who perhaps have no friends or family left, or perhaps their family live many miles away.

Read a post on Facebook regarding fleas on dogs. Panic because this dog owner had found one. What is the matter with some people? . Fleas are not great things to have either on your animals or in your houses, but it was almost an hysterical post, which I had to comment on.

I replied, explaining that long ago there were no flea sprays or drops, you just sat with the animal and parted the fur and hunted for the little blighters. When found you squashed them between your thumb nails. Satisfying.

Have a wonderful day.


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