Not a good week but a few light moments

This week has proved challenging.

Tuesday I drove my neighbours to our coffee rendezvous. That proved to be a bit like Faulty Towers.

One of the ladies sat on  the back seat where Trudy was sleeping. Trudy was so excited to have company next to her, that she would insist on being as close as possible, much to Doreen’s dismay. She’s not particularly keen on dogs. Finally all settled.

Next Mary, who climbed into the car without much ado. Arrived at our destination and all out, but I couldn’t find my walking stick. I imagined I had left it in the car park.

I felt anxious. Those of you who use a stick will know how I felt. Mary kindly offered her arm to hang on to, even though she’s 93, so there we were walking not so smartly down the road. I didn’t hang on too hard.

We did enjoy our morning and returned home. Getting out wasn’t too bad, but we couldn’t get Doreen out and we didn’t understand why. The reason. Trudy was sitting on her coat.

Wednesday I felt very poorly and even phoned  my daughter to say I couldn’t cope. I hate to put pressure on  her when I know she has a busy working life. Went to docs no definitive answer. Still don’t feel well, but that perhaps is not strictly true. I feel alright in myself I just can’t breathe. Worrying.

Have a safe, dry weekend. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not good.

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